10 Great Printer Related Ideas For Your Kids

10 Great Printer Related Ideas For Your Kids
10 Great Printer Related Ideas For Your Kids

Technology seems to change so rapidly that what you buy today appears to be obsolete tomorrow. Same is the case with Printers. They have become highly affordable and instead of shelling out big bucks in keeping the old one in good condition, many people juts prefer to head out and get themselves a new printer.

But don’t throw out your old printer just yet. There are uses for your old printers and ink cartridges. Old home printers can be used throughout the house for various alternative ways. An old printer can be put to many uses and other crafts for your kids too. Let’s take a look at the ten great printer ideas for your kids.

Storage Space

If the printer is beyond repair then you can help your kids in making it into a nice little storage safe for your kids. Many older Epson printers are actually a great way to store things in. Take out all of the internal workings and you are basically left with a disposable shell.

Make a coloring book

Here is another recycling idea for your old printer. If your printer still has some life left in it, then you can use it to make a coloring book for your kids. Let them search for coloring pages on the internet and choose their favorite ones.

Make a 3D Model

Another innovative recycling idea for your worn out printer is that your kid can use the old printer and its cartridges to show his creative in making a 3D model out of it.

Make a Piggy Bank

If you have a printer at home, you are bound to have old printer cartridges lying around too. You can use them to make yourself a nice little piggy bank for your kids in which they can easily store all their lose change and then use the money to buy something they like once they have collected enough. You can help your kid by carving a hole in the cartridge big enough to insert coins through.

Make Birthday Cards

Let your child design and create birthday cards on the computer. They can add their names, their pictures or anything else they like, and then print it to have a personalized card ready.

Make a Plant Pot

You can encourage your child to make a plant pot out of an old used cartridge. Remember to ask them to make holes below the cartridge to let excess water flow out. It is a great way to encourage their little green fingers.

Make wrapping papers

Let your child make designs he or she likes and print them with partly worn out cartridges and use them as wrapping paper. Your wrapping paper will not only be unique but will also help bring out your child?s creativity.

Make a picture frame

Cartridges can be made into interesting photo frames. Your kids can use paper mace and other objects to decorate the core of the frame and make it look more attractive.

Accessorize an aquarium

If you have an aquarium at home then a good recycling idea of printer your kids can use old printer cartridges to create underwater accessories for your fishes. They can have hours of fun building tunnels and paths in the aquarium.

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