Best Ways to Recover Deleted Pictures

Best Ways to Recover Deleted Pictures
Best Ways to Recover Deleted Pictures

It has become an everyday aspect of capturing pictures in the present day and the best part of it is we can view the pictures immediately after they are captured. Thanks to the advanced technology!

Earlier, cameras were used for taking a picture but now, it is possible with our mobile phones. No matter which kind of device you use for taking a photo, you will see to that photos are properly stored. But what if, accidentally you lose all your pictures? Well, don’t panic because to restore deleted pictures may seem impossible but actually it is not. Yes, you can definitely get back your favorite pictures and you must have to know how this can be done.

The initial thing you need to do is to recognize the kind of media or the place where you have stored your pictures. The possible places where the photos can be stored are memory card, CD or DVD, hard drive, camera and emails. Now let us understand how to recover deleted pictures from each of these locations.

To restore pictures from hard drive

If the pictures that you have saved in your hard drive are lost, the immediately check the recycle bin. You will surely find your missing photos from the recycle bin but only if you have not emptied it. If the photos are not found in the recycle bin, then make use of the software through which the hard drive can be scanned for the lost photos.

To restore pictures from memory card or flash drive

If flash drive or memory card are the locations where you have stored your pictures, then the method of restoring the missing pictures will be different. Remember; in this case do not take any new picture using camera even if you can restore them with the file recovery reason is the new picture can overwrite the previous one. This is the main problem with memory cards and flash drives. Thus, there are freeware versions and other software that can offer restoration of pictures from only certain media type.

To restore pictures from Email sources

The photos which you send or receive through your email are actually stored in a part of hard drive. The original email can be found from your email but only if it is a MAPI account. The pictures can be recovered if they are not deleted in the email.

To restore pictures from CD and DVD

Many of us normally choose to save the pictures or any other files in CD or DVD believing that is the best backup option. But sometimes even the pictures saved in CD or DVD can be lost. This can happen when a CD is burned in several sessions. When a CD is placed in a new computer with different CD burning software, then CD cannot be read by a computer if it was not closed out. Thus to retrieve deleted pictures look for the system with CD burning software which you have previously used.”

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