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ErrorFix Review
ErrorFix Review

This Error Fix Review is an outline of the registry cleaning software that is available for instant download through the internet. ErrorFix is a thorough registry cleaning software program which comes with 3 phases. The first is a scan element that will scan your computer to locate any registry problems. The 2nd is a repair function that will fix any issues that the scan located with one push of a button. And the third is a speed up feature that will increase the operating speed of your computer with on board utilities.

Do you feel that your PC has slowed way down (especially on startup), and / or you keep receiving error messages? Are you growing more angry and are your patience running thin?

Once you start using you computer again after utilizing the program, you will start to see sizable differences. After a day of using my PC, I had already seen the same speed my pc was when I bought it, go figure. I was expecting that I would see an increase in speed but not that FAST.

What I liked on the initial section is that Error Fix has a very user friendly design. You can remove the selection with the auto clean feature or you can let the program take care of the errors on it?s own. I was specifically thrilled on its auto scan function and how quickly it started. I only discovered the most useful functions in this software. You can organize and delete programs from the start-up menu that could be slowing your computer down as well.

The 1st is Auto Scan which is great for anyone who is new to registry maintenance. It comes ready to use from the very start. As soon as the software is loaded it has the ability to scan the pc registry in no time at all.

The next is Custom Scan – For anyone who chooses a more hands-on perspective, this software also has a completely interactive scan. Before you begin you have the option to customize the
different types of errors that will be searched for. This way, you have the control throughout the entire process.

User-Controlled Cleanup – There is no point in the entire cleaning process that ErrorFix tries to over-rule your decision. You have the ability to tell the program which selections should remain or let it delete them automatically. Waiting for your instruction to clean, the software will show all of the results in a customization report.

Fourth we have Auto-Backup and Restore, which will grant you the reassurance that your registry is never in danger. Right before every cleaning the software will create an automatic back-up. You have the ability to restore the registry back to it?s previous state at any point in time you are not happy with the outcome of the cleaning.

Fifth is Auto-Updates and Manual-Updates which provide the program with the most up to date fixes to registry errors. Set this feature to start by itself or set it to notify you before installation. Unless you decide for it to look for updates automatically you have the option to shut this function off. You have the choice.

Lastly we have Full Registry Back-Up, which will take a snapshot of your computer?s registry anytime you want it to. With these backups stored confidently, you can at any time restore the previous state of your registry, no matter what future issues may do to it.

After using ErrorFix just one time, your computer will perform faster! Without even knowing what it has done on the inside, your pc will be starting up faster and flying through programs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this ErrorFix Review.

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