For Your Eyes Only: Windows Privacy Application

Windows Privacy Application
Windows Privacy Application

Don’t you find it frustrating when people peek at what’s on your monitor, especially when you are at work? Personally, I hate it when colleagues from the Human Resource departments comes over to have a “casual chat” when really, they want to know what you are up to. It kind of puts me off because I’ll think that they are not being genuinely friendly, instead, it felt like they are prying and keeping a look out for your wrong doings..possibly to get some brownie points for reporting bad behavior.

The most frustrating thing is when you can’t hide everything you are doing by minimizing the window because the title will stay visible at the status bar. You can”t just close the application either because you will loose unsaved data. Like, if you are watching something on YouTube that might take some time to load, you’ll have to reopen a new window, search for the video and then wait for it to load again. It almost makes having a little entertainment become a stressful operation.

Hide Windows Free

Well, there”s this application that”s called Hide Windows Free. It basically hides your windows and restore your original display restores everything back when the coast is clear. This is a free version of the famous Anti-Boss Key application.

This is how Hide Windows Free works: it instantly hides windows with a secret key combination which will be restored to exactly the same state. The application will allow you to customize mouse and keyboard boss-key shortcuts, hide task bar, desktop icons, wallpaper? basically all you need to be kept away from the boss. The boss key application is password protected so don”t worry about the “smart” people who might check your desktop while you were away from keyboard. Try it now and save 50% with the limited time discount offer.

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