How to Buy a Proper Tablet PC?

Buy a Proper Tablet PC
Buy a Proper Tablet PC

Craving for a nice tablet PC becomes a tough thing for some people nowadays and why is that? Overload types of tablet PC occupying the market and divided to different alliances. iOS, Android, RIM and even windows system.

Big hassle appears in your mind on choosing the suitable one for yourself; the answer is quite simple for this matter. Which aspect do you prefer the most, hardware, applications, customize ability or just the price? Let’s break the elements down, one at a time fellows.


This is somehow a most important part to customer, do they need a high end machine on their usage or they care the appearance instead of hardware at all? The hardware, in most ways, gives the tablet certain ability to run application, battery life and entertainment experiences. Integrated with high resolution screen, quad-core CPU or eventually mount the GPU inside will enhance the functionality dramatically. Wanna play those kick-ass games on it but your machine says: “look dude, that game will destroy my entire hardware system for the unreasonable graphic layout and structure.” Then what? It’s like you get dumped by your little friend.


Here is the situation, you just got a really nice and cutting edge tablet, let’s say, iPad 6. But there is no application compatible with your lovely gadget; your iPad turns out to be a high quality chopping board that cost you $400. Oops, a heart breaker huh? Application can be defined as floor on the foundation, the higher the floor reaches to, the more fun you will have from using this tablet. Nice RSS reader, superb games, fantastic browser and awesome daily used apps makes this machine an unbeatable must-have friend.

Customize ability

Assuming you are a super geeky guy that always want to make your own theme and icons unique and weird. Android does give you such alternatives on this point, loads of theme and even customized version provides a splendid user experience when using Android tablets whereas Apple shut that door in your face. Actually, this aspect is on your call, you like to DIY and change stuff, Android is your way to go; you are not? Why not choose Apple?


Finally we come to a place that closes to the reality the most. Your budget has already set the line of purchase. You can’t get a high-end tablet with just around $100, but you have tons of alternatives to choose to choose the best tablet, such as thousands of China Android tablet PCs. The most important of choosing a correct tablet is to know what exactly you need for that, what you want to do with this, and your requirement. Recognizing the usage and functions are the two highest priorities before you get any of them. Don’t be rush, you have time!

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