Leather Usb Drives: An Ideal Corporate Gift

Leather Usb Drives: An Ideal Corporate Gift
Leather Usb Drives: An Ideal Corporate Gift

In this tough economy, getting the better of competition is a challenge for all organizations. One of the biggest dilemmas that most organizations face is to achieve the maximum visibility with the amount of advertising and marketing dollars spent. One of the best ways of ensuring the loyalty of corporate customers, employees and distributors is to make a distinct impact through corporate gifts. One of the gifts that is most appreciated and widely used is leather USB drives.

Ideal for All

Enclosed in genuine-leather casings, leather USB drives score above other high-class promotional items in terms of style and looks. With stylish, high-quality genuine leather bodies, these USB drives are both elegant and highly useful.

Organizations implementing their promotional strategy are increasingly opting for leather USB drives for their corporate clients, management employees, associates, vendors and even government officials. While being economical, leather USB drives give the appearance of being expensive. Thus, they are highly preferred by organizations that do not have a large promotional budget and, yet, wish to delight those receiving their corporate gifts.

Apart from being ideal for executive giveaways, these USB drives are also preferred by fashion-conscious people for their personal use.


Leather USB drives are a great way of storing and transporting files or programs from one computer to another. The key features of leather USB drives are that they are lightweight and offer high data transfer speeds. The large memory space of USB flash drives, along with their small size, makes them ideal for sharing promotional pictures, presentations and videos of your organization.

Some of the features of leather USB drives are:

  • Available in a wide range of styles, such as saddle, vip and cowboy
  • Available in varying colors, such as brown and black
  • Can be embossed with company or brand logo
  • Includes a belt buckle closing mechanism
  • Can be worn in style on your key chain
  • Can also be hung from a purse or briefcase
  • Includes data protection technology that prevents data from getting corrupted even if the USB is unplugged during data transfer

The use of leather USB drives as corporate giveaways ensures the ideal publicity for your organizations, guaranteeing loyalty from your dealers, employees and associates. USB-SMG, which is a division of the Salk Marketing Group, is a leader in providing promotional products and marketing services.

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