The Lexmark Optra T642 Printer, A Few Thoughts About This Dependable Printer

The Lexmark Optra T642 Printer
The Lexmark Optra T642 Printer

In this review we will be looking at the Lexmark Optra T642 printer using Optra T642 compatible toner. If you are new to the world of printers you might be scared by the huge variety of options you have to choose from. Even if your budget is very small, there are still a plethora of models you can decide on, with many different options.

The key when buying a product in such a competitive market is to decide what features you really need and which are just expensive gadgets you will never use. This is especially important in the printer market because they include all kind of special features you might have no use for, as well as ones that could save you a lot of time. For instance, if you are looking for a new printer you need to ask yourself if you need ink jet, laser, monochrome, or color.

Once you have these basic questions covered, you need to think if you need duplex printing, networking capabilities, and how fast you need your printer to be. Of course the options just go on and on. The important thing is to know what you want and find the options that fit these requirements closely.

The Lexmark T642 printer is a good example of a company packing a printer with high performance features in the most important areas of speed, quality and paper handling. This monochrome laser printer delivers high quality in all the basic features. You will love the lightning speed of 45 pages per minute and the huge sheet tray.

The processor of this unit is a fast 457 MHz that will speed up the printing of complex images and enable multiple jobs to be sent the printing queue. Another great advantage of this printer is its large 500 sheet tray and its multipurpose 100 sheet tray. The beauty of this model is that Lexmark has invested in providing high performance features in the areas that matter and left out gadgets not needed by the majority. This model does come with a long list of accessories that can be installed later on if you need them.

However, Lexmark has done something very smart; it has provided a load of additional features that can be added to this printer to make it grow as your requirements grow. For instance, you can buy various trays, memory cards, and even an auto duplex unit with a capacity for 500 sheets for this workhorse of a printer. However, if you do not need all this gadgets you are in luck, because you do not have to pay for them if you do not have a use for them.

The speed of this printer is quite amazing for this price range and is proof of how Lexmark has tried to beef up the main features, without beefing up the price. The resolution of this printer is 2,400 dots per inch using the Lexmark replacement toner. This is top of the range for consumers. Your images will look crisp and sharp, providing high quality graphics.

This printer can deal with 45 pages per minute while providing a resolution of 2,400 dpi. Those are top specifications in speed and resolution for which you would expect to have to pay much more. Your images will look sharp and professional and you will be able to print them quickly and in high volume. If you are looking for a fast and versatile printer at a great price, you might want to look further into the Lexmark Optra T642 printer. It delivers extremely well in all the key areas without the expensive price tag.

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